Corporate Process and Workplace LearningEmployee competence is a crucial factor for companies; their knowledge, skills and abilities determine customer satisfaction, productivity, and the ability to innovate. With the ever accelerating velocity of change on markets and the increase employee fluctuation, human resource development is facing severe challenges when trying to keep with the fast-changing environment. Traditional formal training methods are being confronted with their limitations in these dynamic environments. A paradigm shift towards Learning on demand has to be made. But this requires an interweaving of learning processes and working processes. With deepening the integration of these two, it becomes obvious that learning is a cross-cutting concern of several corporate processes, among which the most important are:

  • E-learning (as the approach to pedagogically-founded, technology-supported individual learning)
  • Human Resources Competence Management (as the alignment of individual learning with corporate strategies)
  • Knowledge Management (as the organizational perspective on learning of employees) Business Process Management (with business process being the frame and primary context of all learning-related activities in companies)

What makes the integration of these processes even more complex, is that the different disciplines do not only produce more or less isolated systems, but they also have different underlying conceptualizations of learning and knowledge. To overcome these conceptual differences is the starting point of our integrative research, which is based on years of experience in the respective fields.